Expert Tree Trimming for Residential and Commercial

Tree Trimming — Tall Tree in Newport News, VA
Our tree worker crews at Bushwackers Two in Newport News, VA provide tree trimming services on-line with industry standards and beyond. Your hedges and trees should be an investment, which is why our licensed tree workers specialize in protecting all aspects of your trees to prolong their life span and encourage healthy growth.

Why Trimming or Pruning?

We advise to have your trees, hedges, and shrubs trimmed and pruned to:
  • Removing dangerous limbs
  • Increase sunlight coverage for your yard
  • Increase overall safety of your property
  • Remove dead, diseased, or damage wood
  • Clear utility lines to meet city requirements
  • Fulfill insurance requirements

Why Us?

Improper tree trimming or pruning can harm a tree’s existing structure and alter the growth patterns of your trees. This is why it’s important you choose a licensed and experienced tree company, like Bushwackers Two, to properly trim a tree. Our evaluation process is important to the success and life span of your tree. Trust in our tree worker experts.