Fast and Effective Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding — Stump in Newport News, VA
At Bushwackers Two, you can receive reliable and efficient stump grinding by our licensed crew of tree workers. We can remove unsightly stumps and the surrounding surface roots that is left after a tree has been removed. Removing stumps can reduce harmful insect activity in your yard, reduce unwanted growth, and provide more area for future landscaping.

Why Grinding?

Our stump grinding service can be very beneficial to your yard instead of a regular “flushing” service. You can expect the following benefits in your yard from a stump grinding service:
  • Reduce impact of harmful insects in your yard
  • Ensure there is no unwanted tree growth
  • Provides a larger area for possible landscaping
  • Leftover material can be used for nutrients

Protection of Your Property

Improper stump grinding techniques can pose a risk to your yard and underground utilities, such as sprinkler lines or plumbing lines. We always take the utmost caution when it comes to your property, and our evaluation process will clear all areas that can be hazardous to our grinding procedure. Trust in the experts at Bushwackers Two to remove stumps with care and precision.

Firewood for Sale

Firewood available for sale. Call our office for cost and availability. All types of wood and delivery provided to your home or business.