Experienced Storm Clean-up Process

Storm Cleanup Service — Fallen Tree in Newport News, VA
Storms can ravage your landscape and leave trees broken, splintered, or worse. Trust in Bushwackers Two professional storm clean-up service to clean a storm-damaged yard and remove potentially dangerous hazards from your property.
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Bushwackers Two first priority in storm response is to provide relief for customers with hazardous material on their property. We will safely remove trees form houses, clear roads and driveways, and prune trees that could lead to injury or structural damage. It is important to have this clean-up process done by an absolute tree professional, as they are trained to evaluate all potential hazards after a storm. You can trust that our certified tree workers at Bushwackers Two are highly trained in storm clean-up procedures and will safely remove hazards from your property.
 Storm Cleanup — Storm Aftermath in Newport News, VA

Further Maintenance After a Storm

After severe storm damage, your foliage and trees may require frequent maintenance to promote safe growth. Bushwackers Two has the means to clean up after a storm and offer a plan for maintaining the healthy structure of your plants. This includes proper inspections, trimming and pruning where needed, and any corrective actions that may need to be taken for your property.