Efficient Lot Clearing Service

Lot Clearing — Trees in Newport News, VA
When your property needs clearing, you can trust in Bushwackers Two to quickly and effectively clear the lot. Our customers have depended on us to clear their lots safely for over 40 years. Someone may want a lot cleared for new construction space, or just to clean up the aesthetics of their yard. You can expect our response for lot clearing to be quick and we will give accurate quotes over the phone if necessary.

Personalized Service

Every yard is different and every yard needs different methods and equipment to effectively clear. We are proud of our evaluation process that will diagnose what we need to do to effectively clear the property. Our professional and licensed employees can tackle the property’s needs with minimal damage to the yard.

Clean and Clear

We provide our clients with a completely clear slate once we are done with our lot clearing procedure. This will allow freedom for construction, landscaping, and more.